Poster Volunteer Applications

Want to join the JL crew and paint the town with posters in exchange for a full festival and camping ticket?

Yes? Then if you’re A) a student or B) in a situation of financial hardship then apply now for some Jungley good times!

We need poster volunteers for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Fraser Coast and Somerset Region. There are limited places available so apply now (but not before you read the nitty gritty)


1. You need A++ Blu Tacking abilities. We take our posters very very seriously... 

2. If you are based in Brisbane you need to be able to PICK UP your allocation of posters from Mitchelton between 19-22 May. People outside of Brisbane will have their posters delivered to them. We will supply blu tac and tape.

3. We give priority to enrolled students or those experiencing financial hardship to give people who may not necessarily be able to purchase a ticket the chance to experience Jungle Love.

4. You must complete your poster allocation by 20 June, with the first 50 posters having to be up by 6 June. This entails placing 150 posters up within the outlined parameters - you'll receive specific instructions as to where you may legally and ethically do this.

5. You must take a photo of each poster you put up, and provide all photos to Jungle Love Festival. This helps us keep track of where posters are placed and ensures everything's in order when you come to collect your ticket!

6. We're counting on you to help us do much needed promotion for the festival in order to keep all of the cogs moving. Failing to put up the posters not only costs us more money, but it means we miss out on promotion. We ask that you please only accept the role if you're fully committed to putting them all up.

7. You will receive an email confirmation with all the instructions, you must reply and accept all the conditions of this email.