Brisbane based artist Naycha, has been honing his skills in visual art since 2006. Coming from a graffiti/streetart background, Naycha’s style has a streetart aesthetic fused with elements of nature and geometry.

Naycha uses a mix of spray paint and acrylic paint to create vibrant and unique art, featuring a montage of earthly elements connected by geometry. He is inspired by nature and the adventure and mystery of life on earth, and is passionate about capturing that energy within his work.

While living overseas in Canada, Naycha featured his work in the Basscamp Art Gallery at Shambala Music festival in 2018. Since returning to Australia, he has created live murals at Festivals such as Jungle Love, Secret Garden, and Thrive festival.

Naycha’s main focus at present is creating large scale murals and further developing his digital art creations. He plans to paint bigger and better murals, and further refine his practice.