Sonny O'Brien

Sonny O'Brien

"So when youre making these do you have to be on drugs?"

“The stuff you share is what i imagine the inside of a black hole looks like. Just a mishmash of bizarre but cool things for my eyes and ears.”

Sonny is an interdisciplinary artist mixing forms into a gooey creative mess of collagey bizarreness.Fusing photographic sampling, digital design and an anachronistic mingling of cultural references, there's an order in his chaos that feels both reckless and elegant. Colour is an obvious inspiration, bot h the subversion of abrasive  combinations and its abscence altogether, in work that hopscotches between being eye popping lurid and classically monochrome.

He has a fascination with experimenting in digital and analog mediums, spawning a growing portfolio of music, animations, photography, collage, film and video and generative art.

As a sound designer and musician, he received the QUT Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship in 2012 for his outstanding portfolio.