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Jungle Love Festival 2015

About Jungle Love

November 27 - 28

Jungle Love is coming back for its second year to celebrate the joyous things in life, including music, art, nature, friendship and love.

We made it our mission to build a platform to showcase incredibly talented acts. Some with a reputation that precedes them, and others that mightn’t yet have received their deserved recognition.

And who better to showcase these acts to than a bunch of fun loving people looking for something a little bit more in a festival? Where the numbers are capped to ensure the most comfortable and intimate setting… and what a setting we have for you this year. Situated in Imbil, Queensland at Borumba Deer Park, imagine a lush running creek running behind the main stages.

We got through the first year unscathed and now we are crowd-funding again to make it happen again. We genuinely need your help and support. This is a festival for the people and it is up to the people to bring it to life.

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When & Where

Jungle Love 2015 Map

We’ll be kicking off at Borumba Deer Park, in Imbil Queensland on Friday the 27th - Saturday 28th November, just two hours drive north of Brisbane, inland from Noosa Heads.

1133 Yabba Creek Rd, Imbil QLD 4570

Jungle Love 2015 is concentrating the happiness, distilling the good vibes and refining the revelry for one weekend of sonic bliss. This is a boutique festival, where numbers will be capped to ensure top quality facilities and an intimate experience between artists and audience, friends and music.

The two-day ticket includes: parking, camping for two nights and access to all the live music, workshops, activities, etc. All of which are listed below. Tickets are available via our Pozible, where you can help make this unique festival a reality for its second year in a row.

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Express Yourself

Jungle Love 2015 Express Yourself

If you’re an artist or performer who wants to share their work, or maybe you want to hold a workshop and sell goods, Jungle Love welcomes you to become apart of this year’s festival. We believe in creating a environment where people can freely express themselves without any judgement, and bring local talent which may be flying under the radar out into the limelight.

We encourage you to GET IN and send through your proposed ideas to us at, along with any accompanying imagery or any additional information which will really showcase your talents to us. We’re open to the most creative and whacky ideas which will make this festival all the more special

Fancy Dress

Jungle Love 2015 Fancy Dress

Due to the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to last year's fancy dress night - which ranged from bearded men in frocks to sexy rock lobsters - we've decided to bring it back to Jungle Love 2015!

After sundown on the Saturday of the festival, we challenge you to get your freak on with us and don the craziest costume you can. We want you guys to really run with this, let your creativity shine through. Throughout the evening, we'll be keeping an eye out for the most on-point costume at the festival, which will win someone a double pass to Jungle Love 2016.


Jungle Love 2015 Fancy Dress

You're more than welcome to bring your bike to Jungle Love. Make sure you bring a helmet for your own safety.

You'll also notice a bunch of bikes all the same shade of pink. These are our communal bikes which you may use. The rules are that you must wear a helmet and as soon as you put the bike down, it's anybody's game. No exceptions.

Jungle Love Film Project

Jungle Love 2015 Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild, sleepless, but highly productive weekend, in which teams are challenged to make a movie in 48 hrs. That means write, shoot, and edit, in just 48 hours. It's also an opportunity for film makers to showcase their talents while under the hammer.

This year Jungle Love Festival will be teaming with the 48 Hour Film Project, by choosing a winning team from the Brisbane leg of the project and inviting them on-site in November to capture the festival as it unfolds. There are no rules, except that the winning team must only use film captured on-site and the final product will be presented to the public within 2 weeks following the festival.So if you see a film crew wandering around the festival, be sure to get your freak on. Hey mum, look I'm on TV!

Lost Boys logo

Lost Boys

"Let Food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food"

Organic | Vegetarian | Local | 100% Natural

For your body & your belly. For the environment & your planet. For the small business owners. For the farmer. For your future.

We value and focus on Organic; Natural & Local produce, putting positive vibes back into the consumers, the community and the environment. Young at heart, we nurture the creative and embracing the unique.

LostBoys is incessantly evolving and moving around you the consumer and the environment. We will endeavour to always use organic, 100% natural and locally produced ingredients wherever possible. We consider simplicity the ultimate form of sophistication and embrace this throughout the brand, keeping it minimal and selective however crafting to the highest of standards.

Lost Boys food Lost Boys food
Kettle and Tin logo

Kettle & Tin

The Kettle and Tin, situated in Paddington Brisbane, is an eclectic eatery and bar serving up a wide array of gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Kettle & Tin’s philosophy is all about quality and experience. The focus is on the sharing and enjoyment of meals with a fresh take on the degustation concept. We endeavour to bring this aspect of our venue to the Jungle Love festival, keeping with the theme and overall vibe of this boutique festival.

Our mantra that we hold so proud in our Paddington venue, is what we hope to bring to the revelry that will be Jungle Love. We are also proud to be a part of this unique event in the sunny state and hope to impress the punters with our love of food and good times!

Kettle and Tin Poached Eggs
Lost Boys logo

Foundry Records

The Foundary pop-up store at Jungle Love Festival will feature some of our staff's favourite records for sale as well as merchandise from the festival's artists, and a place to hang out and listen to tunes.

Brisbane's newest record shop, bar / cafe and performance space, Foundry Records, is located below the foundry venue on Wickham Street. Embracing the record revolution and then adding to it with gusto, Foundry Records completes the picture, complementing the Live Room upstairs and feeding into The Foundry Studios on the third level. And it's far from just a record shop. With inbuilt cafe, bar and small stage, Foundry Records is the face of the whole shebang on street level.

Foundry Records

How Much Are Tickets?

Jungle Love ticket prices will increase the closer it gets to the event, you can find more details by heading to our ticketing site here.

How Do I Receive My Tickets?

In order to snag your early-bird tickets, jump onto the Jungle Love 2015 Pozible and make a selection of how much you’d like to pledge in order to secure your spot at this year’s festival. If you are purchasing your ticket through ticketbooth, just enter in your necessary details in the areas provided. You will then be sent an e-ticket to your email account with your unique barcode, hold onto this, as you will need to present either a printed or digital copy for us to scan upon entry.

When Can I Arrive?

The festival bar stage and restaurant will open at 4pm on Thursday 26th November. The festival main stages will be open from 10:30am on Friday 27th November. When you arrive you’ll need to register and get signed in, then feel free to pitch up and chill out.

Can I Volunteer For The Festival?

Of course you can! Shoot an email to and GET IN!

Can I Leave And Return To The Site Whenever I Like?

To ensure safety and efficiency of this year’s festival, we ask that attendees do not leave and re-enter the festival grounds in cars. Vehicles which leave the campsite should only consider doing so if it is an emergency. Attendees who leave the area in a vehicle will incur a fee on re-entry.

Will one day tickets be available?

Sorry, nope. The tickets available this year are exclusively two day passes. Jungle Love believes in delivering the best in arts, music and performance by creating an immersive two day long festival, where revellers can escape from their daily lives to experience a whole weekend of excellent music, arts and good vibes.

A couple of hours just ain’t enough to do that, my friends.

Is There Food Available On-site?

Yep, two local Brisbane restaurants, Kettle and Tin and Lost Boys, are bringing you a gourmet canteen to this year’s festival. Feel free to also bring your own food and drink as well - you’ll be spending a few days in the bush, so remember to bring enough supplies to last the trip!

Can I Bring My Camper Van / Rv?

You sure can, all RV vehicles will have their own designated area at the campsite for you to utilize. We ask all patrons driving these vehicles through the festival to be particularly cautious of hazards or any pedestrians.

Can I Go Swimming At The Site?

YASSSS! Just be sure to stick to the flagged areas, swim with a buddy and stay safe. Being a natural creek, there may be hazards such as rocks, logs and strong currents which will make some areas unsuitable for swimming; so careful where you dip your wick.

Is There An Atm On-site?

Ever so sorry, but no! Please remember that you will be living it up in the real-life countryside, and as such, there is no cash machine on site, and not all vendors will take card payments. So don’t forget to bring enough moolah to last you for the weekend.

Can I Bring My Dog?

Sadly, no. If you can’t bear to be without your furry friend, I’m sure there will be a seasoned festival goer more than willing to have his belly scratched.

Are Tickets Transferable?

They sure are, feel free to pass on your ticket on to whomever you wish. Just remember that your barcode is unique to your ticket, and once scanned cannot be used for the entry of more than one person.

Is There A Bar At The Festival?

Yes, in fact, there are two! Just remember guys, even though Jungle Love is a BYO festival, the bars are fully licensed areas, and as such you cannot bring your own alcohol into these places. Similarly, due to licensing laws, no alcohol can be removed from the bars and consumed elsewhere in the park. Don’t try and be sneaky - guards will be present in all licensed areas and their gaze will melt you into a moist puddle of guilt.

How Much Alcohol Can We Bring?

Tough to put a number on it, but we’re saying “a reasonable amount”, if you attempt to enter the site with an absurd amount of alcohol it may be confiscated. The idea of being BYO is because we want Jungle Love to be a non-commercial festival, so please act responsibly and don’t overdo it. How can you enjoy the music doubled-over a port-a-loo? There will be professional security contractors on site for the duration of the event and all forms of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Also, a reminder that none of your own BYO alcohol can be brought inside the licensed bar areas. If you attempt to bring any glass bottles on site it will be confiscated!

Can We Have Fires And Bbqs?

It is likely to be a complete fire ban at this time of year, please check with the site office if you wish to start a fire. Small campfires may be allowed in the designated fire areas. There is plenty of firewood for available for sale at the campsite front office, or alternatively you could bring your own. We ask that you please do not gather any wood from surrounding bushland.

Do We Have To Pay To Park?

Nope! It’s all included in the cost of your ticket. But remember, if you take your car out of the grounds and bring it back in during the festival, you will incur a fee.

Is It All Ages?

No, Jungle Love is an 18+ event.

What Disabled Facilities Do You Have?

There will be a disabled toilet, and designated parking spaces at the end of the car-park nearest to the campsite/festival entrance. Please bear in mind that the site has only dirt roads and there are very few smooth ground surfaces such as pathways or any other concreted areas, so this will make wheelchair access difficult.

What Do I Do With My Rubbish?

It’d be a huge help to use if you took it home with you! We’ll have recycling facilities on site for cans etc. Please bear in mind that we do not allow any glass bottles to be brought on the site. Borumba Deer Park is a beautiful natural area - we’d like to respect that, and leave it as we found it. Thank you!

Will There Be Showers?

Yes, steaming hot or cold, as you wish.

What Is Prohibited At The Festival?

Just the usual obvious things. Glass bottles or containers, illicit substances, flares, weapons, anti-social behaviour, crowd surfing, moshing, stage diving etc. For full details refer to the 2015 Terms and Conditions.

Will There Be Vegetarian/vegan Food Options Available At The Festival?

We wouldn’t forget about you guys. There will definitely be options for you :)