Electronic Renegade Stages

Don’t mind a few beats speckled in between your live sets and jams? Or perhaps you’re one of the ones that finds yourself in doofville for the three days and rarely gets over to the main stage. We’ll we’ve actually got more electronic than live music it seems when you count that we’ve got four electronic renegade stages.

What’s an Electronic Renegade Stage? 

Our renegades curate their own line-ups in their own style. They all bring something completely different from the world of electronic music, and they all bring their own unique atmosphere to the party. If you want comfort, a place to groove out, some healthy doses of tech and house, funk and whatever they’re feeling at the time but it’s gonna be good, you’ll find yourself at Love Camp a LOT. We’re so excited to finally have the one and only Love Camp at Jungle Love! It was meant to happen in 2020, but nothing happened in 2020 obviously. Then in 2021 there was the great Earth Frequency and Jungle Love clash, and of course Love Camp definitely had to be at Earth Frequency, Love Camp originated out of Earth Frequency. It started out at Earth Frequency as just a great campsite with love put into it and has now grown into its own institution, loved by many a doofer. Love Camp is now also running one of the main stages at Elements Festival. 
This crew wants you to have the best time and they put in the effort because it’s that important to them that you do.

Lovers of dirty bass, funky, glitchy, techy, house and fun times, all aboard the
8 Mile Yacht Club. A smash hit and total crowd favourite from 2021, though they weren’t on the map last year and not everyone found them, but if you did it was heaving the whole time. Probably the one camp we’re going to have to try our hardest to get them to stop when it’s time to cut the music. We love you 8 Mile Yacht Club but please don’t make us come over there! It is party central at the boat all of the time and you’re going to have yourself a wicked night, or three, or four at the boat by the lighthouse.

You’d be hard pressed to find any crews that know as much about reggae and dub as Boom Boom Sound System. They live and breathe it and have catalogues of it that they’ve finely tuned over many years. Whenever you want to groove with but bring it back a bit, but feel allllll the bass, head past the Boom Boom Sound System stage. 

And now for something a bit different… 
Renegade Playground spawned out of Jungle Love 2021 from a couple of bonafide lovers of 90s rave. We’re talking acid house, happy hardcore, gabber. For many, it’ll no doubt be some full on kooky stuff and something you’ve probably never thought you’d find yourself dancing to, until you’re caught up in the energy and you do (if you think you won’t, you will).  The curators of Renegade Playground, Sam and Phil (from Monster Zoku Onsomb) will be collaborating with Jo Allard who volunteered at Jungle Love last year and is now designing and building a maze where Renegade Playground will pop up from time to time in the centre of the maze, if you can find your way there.

If we didn’t have enough electronic music going on already, each night in our new Dreamland big top venue we will be having queer-led takeovers from Fem Fale and Boom Boom Bean Selecta’s Backyard Takeover’s over Friday and Saturday night till late in our new Dreamland big top venue.