If there's one thing we pour over meticulously, it's the curation of our musical soundtrack every year, made up of an eclectic mix of artists in many different genres. What is it that binds them all together? It's the Quality!

Sometimes we get a few really well-known acts mixed in with a bunch of acts who've been making waves, all alongside some acts we're almost certain you haven't seen... yet we know they'll blow you away.
The main thing on our mind is that for any act that we program, the performance has to be truly stellar otherwise we're just not likely to book it, no matter how 'big' an act is. 

Most of all, we back our own unique curatorial style. It's what we're known for. All acts are programmed according to the vibe of that time of day, and that part of the weekend, and not in order of "popularity".

We love all types of music, and we want to break down any illusion that the best music is played on the radio. Quite a lot of it is, but even more is not.


We're still hard at work on bringing you the full Jungle Love Festival line-up for 2023! Check back soon!

Can't wait for the festival?

Have a listen to the 2022 Jungle Love Festival Line-up playlist