We love our music and all of the performances, but they make up just part of the overall experience of Jungle Love. We are always thinking, thinking, thinking…  how can we make this the most magical, carefree and fun experience for everyone?

Rainbow Bikes

It’s easy to rack up several kms from walking at a festival. If you see one of our 150 odd rainbow bikes lying around, feel free to cruise around at your leisure. Just remember, the moment you let go of it anyone else is allowed to take it, no ifs or buts

Three people sitting on a rainbow bicycle smiling enthusiastically
Photo by Charlotte Jones


We are a fully BYO festival (you just can’t bring any glass). That means you can make yourself a margarita and sip it by the main stage, or be drinking cold tinnies when you’re swimming in the creek. It’s just better when it’s BYO. No bar queues, no security checkpoints or fenced in areas, no overpriced crap beer, no going to find the bar when you want another. Just freedom to drink what you want, when you want and no one to tell you otherwise.

Young chap sitting in the creek drinking a XXXX Gold
Photo by Kalem Horn (@kalemhornphoto)


What better way to enjoy a festival than by cooling off from the QLD sun with a fresh creek swim?

The swimming hole is in the valley next to the first ridge as you enter the site. Just head down the hill to take a dip.

five people in a large inflatable couch on the river
Photo by Tom Schulte

Fancy Dress Saturday

Go full Jungle Love by dressing up on the Saturday. We will reveal our theme in early 2023. 

We will have a parade on Saturday evening and they who are judged best dressed will win a double pass to Jungle Love 2024!

A group of mythical creatures
Smiling people with plants in their hair
Photos by Charlotte Jones and Sophie Metacalf


Birthed in 2021, Jambala is our very own improvisational jam stage. You can learn more about it by clicking here

A young woman with elf ears playing the keyboards on the jam stage
Photo by Liav Shalev (@soggybreadissad)