People - Planet - Charity - Arts

There were always two main causes, or what we call pillars, for creating Jungle Love. We aim to bring together a community of like-minded, kind, loving people to connect with each other, and to champion incredible music, irrespective of any perceived popularity… of course, all while having an absolutely legendary party.

Our ethos is made up of four pillars that guide the direction of the festival:

A group of friends sitting in front of a Jungle Love sign
Photo by Kalem Horn (@kalemhornphoto)


Bringing like-minded people together to connect with one another is the very thing that drives all of us to create this festival every year through thick and thin. The community that comes to Jungle Love is what makes it so special. If we didn’t have that core community then the essence of Jungle Love would be lost forever. It’s a mystery to us how we manage to retain that each year but all we can do is keep putting that vibe out and trust that it’ll pull in the right sort.
You can be part of it too if you’ve never been before, all it requires is for you to bring your best self, be friendly and respectful to everyone, leave no trace, and be prepared to participate in whatever fun stuff ends up going down, planned or unplanned.

All who attend the festival, patrons, crew, volunteers, artists and guests share this pillar. We are all equal and on the same ride together, as one.

Festival goers chilling under a tree and smiling
Photo by Kate Sparrow


With every decision we make, we ask ourselves 'how might this impact the planet?' and if it does, we ask ourselves 'is it worth it?' and 'what are the alternatives?'. 

We recognise the urgency to care for and nurture that which provides for us, not just for ourselves, but for future generations to come. It’s an ongoing challenge, keeping up with science and making sure we’re not “greenwashing” and that our initiatives actually have net positive outcomes. You can find out more about our environmentally more positive initiatives at Green Jungle Love

We recognise that no matter what we do, the festival will have a footprint and will produce waste. We believe that the things we can do that are within our power will help to continue the much needed conversation about how we can all move towards consuming less and minimising our impact, and hopefully inspire new initiatives and bring about real change for humanity. Perhaps one day, with everyone's collective contribution combined with future technologies, we can make Jungle Love a waste-free and carbon positive event. 

Jungle Love Festival patrons participating in a workshop in the creek
Photo by Markos Huges (@markosy)


Jungle Love started out as a for profit private company. It’s what made most sense at the time. As time went on, it became abundantly clear that the only way that Jungle Love could ever happen is through the generosity and the collective contribution of thousands of hours from hundreds of people. That is why we have transitioned to a Not For Profit, because if the festival was to ever profit, it would be a result of the contribution of the people that make it happen. Therefore, we believe that for the continued survival of the festival that it should be enshrined into law that no one can take profits from the festival and that any surplus must be reinvested back into the festival and the community that makes it happen and other charities. Jungle Events Ltd is a registered Not For Profit and will soon become a registered Charity.

Charity isn’t just about what we do as a festival to give back. We hope this pillar encourages you all to give more to those you love, including strangers you haven't met before and those less fortunate. Giving can come in any form and can be as simple as a smile.

Photo by Kalem Horn (@kalemhornphoto)


We want to showcase music and arts we believe to be innovative and incredible, rather than relying on the hype. There are many artists out there who have the ability to reach your soul or melt your mind in ways you're yet to discover, and we want to bring them to you! It’s what we’re known for.

This pillar informs how we curate our program and deliver a one-of-a-kind soundtrack each year that you won't find elsewhere. 

As a footnote, we want to say it loud and clear that we are a non-commercial festival that receives no major corporate sponsorship. Many have suggested we should to help pay the bills but it wouldn't be Jungle Love if we did. We don't want to ever be the subject of corporate influence, we just want to keep it Jungle Lovey.

People, Planet, Charity, Arts.

Pic: Tae Young
Photo by Tae Young (@mellumae)