Terms & Conditions



This is where we explain what you agree to in the processes of purchasing and receiving confirmation of your tickets for Jungle Love Festival 2023 (the Festival). They include conditions of entry to site, site rules, use of images, terms of refund and deadlines. Terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
You acknowledge and agree that when buying a ticket that 20% of your ticket fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation of the festival that is beyond our control (e.g. lockdowns, bushfires, floods etc.).

The purchase and retainment of tickets beyond the launch date of Jungle Love Festival 2023, and subsequent entry onto the event site constitutes an acceptance by the purchaser and entrants of these terms and conditions, and an undertaking on the part of ticket holders to observe them.

No refunds on tickets except as required by law. Incorrect purchases or change of plans DO NOT qualify for a refund or exchange.

For the avoidance of doubt, any
Ticketholders that cannot attend the Festival due to circumstances outside of their control, such as a border closure, illness do not qualify for a refund or exchange and purchase a ticket at their own risk.

Humanitix.com and Tixel.com are our only authorised ticketing agents. No other body is authorised to sell or resell tickets. Tickets will not be valid unless purchased from Humantix or Tixel.

The official resale channel to resell your tickets is Tixel.com.au who can safely assure buyers that their ticket is valid through anti-scalping measures.
No illegitimate tickets purchased through scam accounts will be honoured. If the event has sold out, the person with the false ticket will not be given the opportunity to purchase a legitimate ticket at the Festival gate.

Your event ticket allows you access to the campgrounds at Lot 2 Sunday Creek Road, Jimna (the Venue) from 10 am on Friday April 28 until midday Monday May 1, 2023.

Bags, containers and vehicles can be searched at entry to check for banned items. A list of banned
items can be found at the Jungle Love website. Banned items include but are not limited to glass, weapons, illicit substances, professional audio/video recording devices and drones.

All vehicles entering the Venue campgrounds must have the appropriate valid pre-purchased Vehicle Pass from humantix.com.au. All vehicle passes must be printed and displayed on the dash of your vehicle at all times throughout the Event.

The Organiser (Jungle Events Ltd) reserves the right to enforce published ticket purchase limits and cancel any tickets obtained above said limits by any one customer.


If you are removed from Venue and/or denied entry to the Venue or the Event, you will not be entitled to any ticket refund and/or compensation.


Your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband at the Front Gate that you MUST keep on for the duration of the Event. Lost, damaged or stolen wristbands will not be replaced, treat them like cash.


Anyone entering the Venue, or found onsite at the Event without a valid wristband, or anyone found in an area of the site which they do not have express permission from the Organiser to access (including those found in backstage or crew only areas without the appropriate wristbands or permission) will be deemed to have trespassed and will be handed over to the Police for charging. Maximum penalties apply.apply.


All ticket holders must produce valid photo identification to prove age. This can be in the form of an Australian Driver’s license, 18+ card or passport. Parents are welcome to bring their children aged 14 and under but must supervise at all times. All tickets for children aged 14 and under must be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket and the purchasing adult accepts full responsibility and guardianship for dependents 14 and under. Children aged 15-17 inclusive will not be allowed entry to this Event and will be refused entry.

Animals are prohibited at the Venue, with the exception of service or assistance animals, such as Guide Dogs.

Footwear must be worn at all times throughout the Event site.


Small still cameras are permitted but professional audio or video recording devices, including GoPros, and professional still cameras are prohibited. Ticket Holders are not permitted to record the Event (audio or video) for commercial purposes.


All Ticket holders consent to be included in any official photography, filming & sound recording by the Organiser and/or any of its authorised representatives and contractors, and grant the Organiser the right to use such recordings for promotion and other purposes.

The Organiser reserves the right to refuse a Ticket holder admission to the Venue and the Event and/or to evict any person from the Venue and the Event for any reason the Organiser deems reasonable for eviction.


Patrons, event staff, or any other persons will be removed from the Venue if, in the opinion of the Organiser, they behave or act in a threatening or inappropriate manner, including without limitation, any aggressive, riotous, abusive, offensive, racist, sexist or insulting actions towards other patrons, Event staff or any other persons at the Venue or the Event. Patrons are required to follow the reasonable directions of the Organiser and Event staff at all times, this includes complying with signs and notices posted by the Organiser at the Venue.


Activities such as moshing, crowd surfing, climbing and stage diving are strictly prohibited. Patrons engaging in these or other dangerous activities will be removed from the Venue, and patrons accept all risk and liability for any injuries or damages caused by these activities. Entry to the Venue is at the Ticket holder’s own risk.


Ticket holders acknowledge that there may be restricted capacities at some of the Event’s stages or venues, and ticket purchase does not guarantee entry to these areas in such circumstances. Once it is determined by the Organiser (at its sole discretion) that the maximum capacity has been reached in these areas, there will be no further admissions.


Patrons must not cause damage to, improperly use, or tamper with any Venue facility or Event infrastructure, or cause any damage to flora and fauna on or surrounding the Venue or enter any onsite bodies of water at the Venue. Patrons must not remove or attempt to remove any item or object from the Venue or surrounding area. Patrons accept full liability and responsibility for any loss or damage caused in contravention of this clause or any other term of these Terms and Conditions.


The Organiser reserves the right to vary the Event program and/or to add, withdraw or substitute artists. No ticket refunds or compensation will be made in such circumstances, or if the Event program varies due to the non-appearance of an advertised artist. The Event will take place rain, hail or shine.

The Organiser reserves the right to change the venue and the location is subject to change. No refunds will be given as a result of a change in venue.


Except where liability cannot be excluded by law, the Organiser (and its employees, contractors and agents) shall not be liable for any loss, cost, expense, injury, claim or damages suffered or sustained by any Ticket holders and patrons at the Venue or the Event. Where permitted under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), the Organiser limits its liability in respect of breach of any statutory guarantee under the ACL in the manner set out in sections 64A(1)(a) and 64A(2)(a) of the ACL.


To the full extent permitted by law, Ticket holders waive all legal rights of action against and fully release the Organiser, its agents, employees and volunteers for all claims for compensation for loss, damage, injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the Ticketholder’s entry to and presence at the Venue and their attendance at the Event.


In the event of injury or illness the Organiser may, at the cost of the Ticket Holder, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for the safety of the Ticket Holder.


Any provision of these Terms and Conditions which are or becomes unenforceable shall not invalidate the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


All tickets are sold subject to availability and at the prices listed on the ticket page via our sole agents Humanitix and Tixel.

Tickets are subject to agent booking fees and transaction charges applied by Humanitix and Tixel.

If there is a change of email address subsequent to ticket purchase, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to update their account details with the ticket agent, to ensure receipt of e-tickets.

In order to help prevent fraudulent activity all types of tickets must be named as part of the booking process and contact details must be provided upon request. It is essential attendees supply unique details for each person ticket. An email address, phone number and name for every person attending is required.
All entrants to Jungle Love Festival 2022 must be within the correct age bracket of tickets on the opening date of the Festival . Identification checks will be in operation, refusal of entry or surcharges may be applied should a patron hold the wrong ticket type upon arrival to site.

Adult Tickets:

  • Adult
  • Jungle Love Shuttle Bus Package Tickets

Once you have entered your “names on tickets” all details are editable by logging into your Humantix account up to the point of redemption of any particular e-ticket. It is essential that all details are checked and regularly updated.

Vehicle Passes

  • Vehicle Pass

All vehicles require a vehicle ticket to gain entry to site. Vehicle tickets can be purchased via our ticketing agent, Humantix.com.au
Motorcycles, and Ticket holders with accessibility needs will not be required to purchase a valid vehicle pass.

Once parked, it is not permitted to exit and re-enter with any vehicle, unless at the discretion of Jungle Love Festival and staff members.

No electricity hook ups are available

Child Tickets

  • Child (5 - 14 years)
  • Under 5s (0 - 4 years)

All age conditions on all ticket types apply to the day of opening of Jungle Love Festival, not the date of ticket purchase. Photographic proof of identification may be required and must be either a Driver’s License, Passport or Proof of Age Card.

Admission may be refused, or surcharges applied, if you arrive at the event with tickets of the wrong age bracket for the holder.

Child tickets are valid for ages 5 to 14 inclusive. The lead adult purchaser is the assumed guardian and responsible adult for any under 18’s they purchase tickets for. Proof of age may be required on entry – see below for accepted ID. Child tickets may only be purchased with, or in addition to an existing order of adult tickets, by an adult of 21 years or older. A maximum of three Child tickets per qualifying adult may be purchased. All children must be accompanied by their associated guardian upon entry to the festival.

Under 5’s tickets must be booked and registered in advance.

Loco Parentis: In case of emergency, we need to ensure that we are able to care for minors in their best interests and that may require us to take action immediately, for example medical treatment for a minor. Treatment may require permission from a legal guardian. It is the lead ticket purchaser’s responsibility for all tickets purchased for those aged under 18, to ensure that a person is identified as the responsible adult via the ticket system. This is done by associating the responsible adult for each under 18 ticket in the order, during the process of adding names and contact information to tickets, and the responsible guardian must:

a) be ‘loco parentis’ for that child whilst at the festival (this means they are legally entitled to make decisions for that child) in emergencies.

b) have been given permission by the legal guardian of the child to act as loco parentis in emergencies.

c) Be available throughout the festival on the phone number provided on the ticket system.

You agree to these conditions as part of the ticket buying process.


  1. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, you understand that there are particular risks associated with attending any outdoor gathering (including the Festival).  We will take reasonable steps to comply with any relevant guidelines intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and we will make you aware of these measures. However, we cannot be responsible for the behaviour or health of other Festival attendees and cannot effectively ensure that no attendees at the Festival will have COVID-19. Accordingly, we will not be responsible if you catch COVID-19 at the Festival or for any illness or death of any Festival attendees caused by COVID-19.
  2. You understand and accept that you will be attending the Festival and using any facilities on-site at your own risk.
  3. To help us to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we ask that you:

a. do not attend the Festival if*:

  • you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Festival;
  • you display any symptoms of COVID-19;
  • you live with somebody who displays symptoms of COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Festival; or you are otherwise required to self-isolate.

*note that where there is a conflict between any of the provisions in this paragraph 3.a and any updated government guidelines, the updated government guidelines will apply where they are stricter than the provisions set out in this paragraph 3.a;

b. follow all guidelines and/or entry requirements notified by us to you and which will apply to your attendance at the Festival. This may include remaining in restricted groups or testing on entry or prior to attending the Festival.  We may be required to amend our guidelines before or during the Festival and ask that you comply with any updated guidelines notified to you;

c. follow all government guidelines (which may be updated from time to time);

d. provide your contact details and those of members of your booking party via our e-ticketing platform, to a member of Festival staff as directed upon entering the Festival, or if required download and use the government’s official COVID-19 tracing app, for the purpose of notifying you where you may have come into contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID-19;

e. you will notify us if you test positive for COVID-19 after attending the Festival for the purposes of notifying other attendees who may have come into contact with you whilst at the Festival.

  1. You understand that you are fully responsible for all costs incurred in following all guidelines and/or entry requirements, including all government guidelines.
  2. You understand that we have the right, at our complete discretion, to:

a. refuse entry to any attendee who we reasonably believe may display COVID 19 symptoms or who may not have followed government guidelines or our guidelines or entry requirements;

b. require that any attendee leaves the Festival where we reasonably believe that they may not be complying with these terms or any of our or government guidelines in force in relation to COVID-19.

  1. If we are required to exercise a right in paragraph 5, you acknowledge and agree that we will not be obliged to refund you for your ticket and any other costs you have, or might incur.
  2. We will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you.
  3. If government guidelines mean that we need to operate a reduced capacity at the Festival in order for us to comply with those guidelines, you understand that we have the right, with regret, to cancel your attendance to the Festival. In the unfortunate event that we need to exercise this right, you acknowledge that the tickets that we cancel will be at our complete discretion and based on a ‘last sold first cancelled’ basis. In these circumstances, we will notify you as early as possible and refund you the full amount of any tickets cancelled. We will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you.

Jungle Love’s Nudity Policy

Jungle Love’s policy on nudity aims to balance a supportive approach to an individual’s wish to feel free and safe to choose to be without clothes, and wider considerations about everyone’s comfort and safety. Jungle Love considers public nudity of a non-sexual manner to be natural. We welcome respectful [adult] nudity in the campsites and main outdoor festival areas in daylight hours. As part of our general approach to sexual safety, and a commitment to ensuring everyone’s comfort, nudity is not permitted in indoor venues (other than activities such as talks or workshops where attendees are predominantly seated) or dense crowds due to the anonymity these environments provide for those who may not be acting respectfully or within the law.  


All attendees must adhere to the rules and regulations of the venue, the event organisers and of Jungle Love Festival.

It is possible that exposure to loud music may cause damage to hearing, please bring your own ear protection.

Please be aware that lighting effects including strobe lighting may be used.

It is the responsibility of attendees to check gate opening and closing times – which may change without notice. Ticket holders will not be admitted outside of these times.

Re-entry of persons is subject to our exit and re-entry system, and re-entry is at the discretion of Jungle Love Festival and its staff

Jungle Love Festival and our official agents can accept no responsibility for any personal property. Please do not bring unnecessary valuable items or excessive amounts of cash.

Our photographers and videographers will be on site, capturing images and video recordings of the festival, including the audience. The audience has no rights to these images, and Jungle Love Festival or any authorised third party is entitled to free use of these images and recordings in any reasonable manner without claim.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review regularly for any changes.