(One Of) The World’s Longest Jam(s)

Starting at sunset on Friday and going right through to sunrise Monday, we will he holding a non-stop jam in our dedicated jam tent, Jambala! We don’t quite know the official length of the world’s longest jam is (well, no one really does…), but 60+ hours would surely be up there!

First Beige performing at Jungle Love Festival
Photo by Kalem Horn (@kalemhornphoto)

We’ll have a slew of different musical directors (or what we like to call Jambassadors) who will hand curate a house band to form the nuts and bolts of our sessions to deliver an eclectic journey of genres. There’ll be a mix of styles and if you feel the urge to get up and have a go at, you’ll have the chance!  Just speak with the MC at the time and they’ll aim to get you on where they can. There’ll be instruments set up but please bring your own to add to the flavour!